Eduardo Francisco Caillaux Chavaneix

(04/08/1880 - 16/02/1931)

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Born: 04/08/1880 at Lima, Peru Certified Father: Francois Amand Caillaux Spolier (Born 08/03/1852)
Died: 16/02/1931 of Heart Attack in Santiago, CHILE Certified Mother: Juana Francisca Margarita Chavaneix Frescarada (20/08/1860 - 23/07/1889)
Children: Angel Caillaux Ponce de Leon (03/10/1900 - 26/01/1985)
Margot Blanca Caillaux Marian (17/03/1907 - 29/03/1984)
Juan Caillaux Marian (00/00/1908 - 24/07/1960)
Rolando Alberto Caillaux Marian (16/03/1909 - 09/03/1994)
Siblings: Carlos Caillaux Chavaneix (00/00/1880 - 26/11/1952)
Amelie Caillaux Chavaneix (17/03/1884 - 23/12/1948)
Gustavo Ferdinan Caillaux Chavaneix (20/07/1886 - 00/00/1934)
Luis Enrique Caillaux Chavaneix (00/00/1889 - 17/06/1921)
Luis (Luchito) Agustin Caillaux Fernandez (28/08/1896 - 01/01/1990)
Vicente Alberto Caillaux Velasco (Born 05/04/1901)

Andrea Ponce de Leon Certified
Clara Josefa Marian Frescarode on 26/06/1901 at Puerto Valparaiso, Valparaiso - Chile Certified


Eduardo Caillaux Chavaneix, was born on the 4-8-1880, he was baptised on the 1-03-1881 in San Marcelo, Lima Peru. At age 19 he traveled to Ante in Cusco on business, where he fathered Angel Caillaux Ponce Leon with Andrea Ponce De Leon. He did legally recognise his son, yet apparently & sadly, he never got to meet Angel and vice versa. Very differant times then. Eduardo lived in Arequipa with his father & mother's family. He immigrated to Chile at around age 20/21 with his 2 siblings (Luis & Amelie). He was a trained gold gilder like his father and a business merchant in Santiago Chile, where he made timber frames and eventually owned an Ice-cream Factory and two Patisserie's, one named "La Parisine" and the other named "Le Garden". Like his father, Armand's trade was that of a Frame maker and gold gilder. He was also apparently commissioned to produce one off furniture pieces. He also was an art restorer of paintings and restored art work in The Cathedral in Santiago and also at "El Palacio Cousino". Eduardo's name is mentioned in the publication of 1907-1908 of CHILE OF TODAY by Adolfo Ortuzar on page 381 under Frames & Guilding. He had 4 siblings,(from the marriage of his parents), 2 of which were in Santiago Chile with him, Luis and Amelie and 2 in Lima Peru, Gustavo and Carlos. He also had 2 other brothers, which we do not know if he knew of, or ever met (Luis Agustin Caillaux Fernandez & Alberto Vivente Caillaux Velasco). Why the 5 siblings separated is not known, but it is believed that after their mother death, 3 travelled via ship from Lima Peru to Chile with their cousins & aunt(not confirmed) who became their future spouses; 3 siblings marrying 3 other siblings. As a consequence they were a very close family in Chile. Eduardo and his wife Clara with the years apparently did not get on, as she could apparently be a bit demanding, so Eduardo spent most of his time at his businesses where he had sleeping quarters,and it is rumoured (never confirmed)that he had a lady friend. Eduardo hardly attended any of the family gatherings and so hardly any photos are available, & the few that were known of him, were burnt in a fire. He is spoken about by his grandchildren and his niece as a very generous man, who looked after his family in Chile and when his brother Luis & his wife died in their early 30's, he took on their 5 orphaned children for a little bit until he & his wife's died not long after. His brothers children who were very young were taken on by his only daughter Margot who raised them with her husband Arturo Jenkins. When his sister, Amelie's husband died young, she was left with 4 small children, so she came back from the South to Santiago after selling some properties and Eduardo helped her and offered her one of the Patisseries' which she took on and paid him for over the years. Eduardo died very young, of a heart attack aged 51 a week after his wife Clara 42, died of heart failure due to seafood poisoning in Valparaiso, Chile. He had bought a family tomb/mausoleum in Santiago for the whole family, & that is where he & Clara & a lot of the Caillaux Marian's are buried and some of the Marian Caillaux's, plus their spouses. He use to live at Riquelme 27, Viña del Mar, Chile, then later settled at 471 Rafael Sotomayor, Santiago (House no longer there, now apartments) and his son Juan later lived at 581 Sotomayor, where his grandson Felipe still lives today. (Lucky him!!)

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Musuleo Caillaux Marian en Santiago CHILE
Musuleo Caillaux Marian
Tumba de Eduardo Caillaux Chavaneneix
Eduardo Caillaux Chavaneneix

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Copy of Death Certificate Copy of Death Certificate unknown
Birth & Baptisim Record details of birth & Baptisim 01/03/1881
Marriage Certificate Marriage Certificate - Source: 26/06/1901

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