Joseph-Marie-Auguste Caillaux

(30/03/1863 - 21/11/1944)

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Born: 30/03/1863 at Le Mans - France Certified Father: Eugene Alexandre Caillaux Thirion (10/09/1822 - 08/08/1886)
Died: 21/11/1944 Certified Mother: Anna Dounet (00/00/1827 - 00/00/1898)
Children: Siblings: Paul Caillaux (00/00/1864 - 00/00/1900)

Berthe Gueydan on 00/08/1906 Certified
Henriette Rainouard de Caillaux on 00/10/1911 Certified


Joseph Caillaux, the son of Eugene Caillaux, a conservative politician, was born in Le Mans, France, on 30th March, 1863. After obtaining a law degree in 1886 he joined the Finance Ministry as a deputy inspector.
Caillaux was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1898 and after acquiring a reputation as an expert on economic matters was appointed minister of finance in 1899, a post he held until 1902. He also served as minister of finance between 1906 and 1909. Caillaux introduced several important reforms but failed in his attempt to establish an income tax system.
On 27th June, 1911, Caillaux was appointed prime minister. While holding this position he upset a large number of people in France by making territorial concessions to the German colony of Cameroon. Caillaux, who was attempting to prevent a war over Morocco, was forced to resign over the issue in January 1912.
Caillaux was accused of being a pacifist in 1913 when he opposed an extension to conscription. This resulting in a press campaign against Caillaux. In 1914, Gaston Calmette, the editor of Le Figaro, threatened to publish love letters between Caillaux and his former mistress and now his second wife. This resulted in Madame Caillaux killing Calmette but at her trial she was acquitted of murder.
Caillaux, now a member of the Radical Party, was opposed to France's involvement in the First World War. Caillaux worked hard to achieve a negotiated peace. In November 1917 George Clemenceau became prime minister. He immediately clamped down on dissent and Caillaux and Louis Malvy, another senior politician opposed to the war, were both arrested for treason.
Caillaux was eventually tried in 1920. Although acquitted on the treason charge he was convicted of corresponding with Germany during the war and banished from France and deprived of his civil rights for ten years.
After an amnesty in July, 1924, Caillaux was appointed by Paul Painleve as his finance minister. He also served briefly in this post in 1935.
In 1938 Caillaux supported Edouard Daladier in his attempts to negotiate an agreement with Adolf Hitler. After the failure of appeasement he retired from politics and refused to become a member of the Vichy government. Joseph Caillaux died in Mamers on 22nd November, 1944.
Between court and forum:
"You shall make the policy, my child. There is a situation for you to take in the Sarthe. But slowly, my son, gently, beware of the liveliness of your temperament. "Son of a Minister of Finance MacMahon, Joseph Caillaux inherits the virus but not political beliefs of his father, the man right monarchist and Catholic. Young inspector of finance, he ran to thirty-five years for deputies in Mamers.
Republican candidate, he tears the candidate lines, the Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville, the seat he held for twenty-seven years. Admirer of Waldeck-Rousseau, Caillaux became his Minister of Finance (the youngest of France) in 1899. He has led a project to income tax. Solidarity of its chairman, he left the government with him in 1902 and is dedicated to an intense parliamentary activity before being recalled to the portfolio of Finance by Clemenceau in 1906. Caillaux then try again to adopt the principle of an income tax but raises strong opposition, especially in the Senate. But it is to be exposed to a violent campaign by the right-wing press, Le Figaro led by Gaston Calmette. Driven to desperation by attacks that are not saving his private life, Madame Caillaux shade then a pistol shot the director of Figaro. Defended at his trial by her husband, she was finally acquitted. Reelected to the deputation, Caillaux passes the beginning of the war away from the political scene. This is his old enemy Clemenceau became Prime Minister, who puts under the spotlight in 1917.
Long-time supporter of a Franco-German rapprochement, Caillaux is suspected of treason. Arrested in January 1918 for "aiding the enemy", it is tried twice before the Senate met in High Court and sentenced in 1920 to three years imprisonment and deprivation of political rights. Caillaux left Paris and does not reappear until 1924. The following year, he has an amnesty law and is presented to the Senate in the Depart-ment of the Sarthe. His rehabilitation is complete: it is new finance minister in the cabinet Painleve and Briand in the ministry. But Caillaux has evolved politically: he sits at the right hand and his radical political faces massive opposition from the left. He then devoted himself to the Upper House, becoming chairman of the powerful Finance Committee in 1923, a position he held for nearly twenty years.

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