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Stories and Fables War of the Pacific
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 00:00:00 EST (6120 reads)


This is what was happening during the 1870's between Chile, Peru & Bolivia. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Eduardo, Luis & Amelie left Peru and their 2 siblings behind in Peru and went to Chile...one day this story will unfold.

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Stories and Fables Farewell to my Wonderful little girl Milli
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 00:00:00 EST (4275 reads)

This week, on Monday after coming back from South America and meeting my family in Uraguay, Peru and Chile, I came back to say goodbye to one of my most loyal and loving family members....my little girl Milli.....Milli was my pet Jack Russell, who for 12 years shared a life with me through thick and thin, a little girl whom I loved and whom always looked at me with such loving eyes..........

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Stories and Fables Questions
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 00:00:00 EST (4058 reads)

whitedove writes "Living in Oz has exposed me to some great Aussie talents while "growing up" and one of these is a band most of you would know of....INXS.

They wrote some excellent lyrics and composed some excellent scores...well in my opinion that is. Love em!!!

Their music has had a great influence in my life, from my early 20's to my mid 30's and I still love listening to them, especially when I find myself in that place, where I question life....and would like some answers and at the same time let that part of me that needs to cut loose...cut loose........"

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Stories and Fables When the Day Brings One a Blessing.
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 00:00:00 EST (2509 reads)

whitedove writes "How many times are you in the real need to talk to someone about what is going on for you and the emotions that a particular event is causing you, yet where ever you turn you just get someone else?s lack of understanding, emptiness, or they are unfortunetely for you, too involved in their "life" to sense what it is you truly need and are asking at that moment, or they ask you to hold on to it, to be addressed at a later more appropriate time....where is one left to turn?"

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Stories and Fables IS IT A GRUB, OR IS IT A BUTTERFLY?
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 00:00:00 EST (3473 reads)

whitedove writes "I live in a house, in one of those suburbs near the famous Olympic Park in Sydney. It is an old house, fibro and painted pink! Yuk you maybe thinking, yet look again, it is a very attractive house, regardless of its choice of construction material. It's a tidy house, with lawns mowed each month by Ricky, who travels all the way from down south Kurnell, the oil refinery area of Sydney, to convert my lawns into a tidy and welcoming plot to any visitors that may decide to drop in, or to those that have been invited, or for me to lay a blanket out on a warm winters day, out in the backyard and bask in the sun with a good book and throw a ball for two of my best friends, who always are up for playing a game of chase??."

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