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This is a website for the Caillaux family genealogy tree.

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Lizzy Caillaux

Caillaux Genealogy Eduardo Caillaux Chavaneix
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (2873 reads)

Anonymous writes "Eduardo's name is mentioned in the publication of 1907-1908 of CHILE OF TODAY by Adolfo Ortuzar on page 381 under Frames & Guilding. 

Link: http://books.google.com.au/books?id=NaaGQFTx6sIC&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=y

Eduardo was the son of Francois Armand Caillaux Spolier. He was married to Clara Marian Frescarode
father of Rolando Alberto Caillaux Marian, Juan Caillaux Marian and Margot Blanca Caillaux Marian.


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Stories and Fables War of the Pacific
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (6274 reads)


This is what was happening during the 1870's between Chile, Peru & Bolivia. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Eduardo, Luis & Amelie left Peru and their 2 siblings behind in Peru and went to Chile...one day this story will unfold.

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Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (2595 reads)

Hi everyone,

I have been informed by my web hosting company that the issue is not one of hacking after all, so that is a huge relief!!

The problem seems to be a lack of updates on my behalf of the PHP Nuke platform that I am using.

I am in the process of having this rectified, so please bear with us as it may take a little time.

Meanwhile if you desire to view entries in our family geneaology tree then please go to:


If you are a direct descendant of our family line and have requested access to view all entries there, please know there will be a delay on this until the existing platforms new version has been installed and updated.

We thank you for your patience. Lizzy

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Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (52347 reads)

As you can see, our site has crashed...looks like hackers...we will hopefully be up and running properly real soon.

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Caillaux Genealogy Guilherme Caillaux
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (5149 reads)

Anonymous writes "Hi,

My name is Guilherme Caillaux, from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Like to know if my father is listed here, Eduardo Caillaux - son of Maurice Caillaux.


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Caillaux Genealogy Connection to Callieu?
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (3991 reads)

BW writes "I am descended from a French Huguenot family called Callieu who settled in London UK in the late 17th century. Am wondering if Calliieu and Caillaux could have been the same family as spelling was not always accurate centuries ago. Does anyone know anything about the Callieu's?"

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Announcement Hilda Marian Caillaux is turning 90 - Daughter of Amelie Caillaux Chavaniex
Posted by lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (5824 reads)

Lizzy writes "Hilda Marian Caillaux, daughter of Amelie Caillaux Chavanieux (Amelie was the only daughter of our common grandfather Francois Armand Caillaux) and Carlos Marian, will be turning 90 years old on the 10th of April this year 2009.

Hilda lives in Sydney Australia and her son Ariel has organised for a birthday party on the 4th of April to celebrate her and surround her with family on the occassion......."

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News A tribute to Itala Zazzali Dapelo - wife of Gustavo Caillaux Zazzali
Posted by lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (7695 reads)

Lizzy writes "by jamal49 on Tuesday, December 16 @ 21:17:10 EST

It was my privilege many years ago to live with the family of Gustavo Caillaux Zazzali, San Isidro, Lima Peru, as an exchange student through the auspices of International Fellowship. It was the defining experience of my life and resonates in so many beautiful ways to this day. I wish to inquire about Itala Zazzali Dapelo, who was listed as celebrating a birthday in 2006. I so much wish to know if this wonderful woman is still living in Lima. I know that her sons all live there still. But, there is no one who has more influenced my life than Dona Itala. I think of her with deep love, admiration and respect. I would love to have an opportunity to write her a letter of gratitude and remembrance. Thank you.


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Announcement Gracias por la Bienvenida
Posted by lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (5418 reads)

Lizzy writes "Lizzy,
No sé si hayas tenido conocimiento de esta vertiente de la familia, los origenes de los cuales tengo conocimiento sólo se remontan a mi abuelo llamado Angel Caillaux Ponce de León, nacido en el año 1900, en la provincia de Anta/Cusco/Perú, quien se casó con Angélica Fernández Baca Farfán de los Godos y procrearon 7 hijos: Alberto, Aleja, Ana, Marina, Raúl, José e Hilda. Soy el primer hijo de José Caillaux Fernández Baca y estoy casado con Roxana Montesinos Núñez; tengo tres hijos: Joseph André Julién, Angel y Marcelo Fabián (todos pequeños). Nací y viví en Lima, tuve poco contacto con la familia de Lima, soy Abogado y actualmente vivo en el Cusco, trabajo en Machupicchu y estaría gustoso que esta rama familiar se integre al árbol genealógico.
Gracias por tu atención.
José Caillaux"

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Caillaux Genealogy Mucho Gusto!, Andre Caillaux en Lima, Peru
Posted by Lizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST (29566 reads)

andre89 writes "Hola, me llamo Andre Caillaux Gutierrez, soy hijo de Armando Caillaux Vizcardo de Arequipa. Tengo 18 anos recien *****plidos y mi familia siempre tuvo la intriga de saber de donde proven hemos todos los Caillaux puesto que somos muy pocos aunque cada dia mas vamos creciendo a paso acelerado."

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