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Stories and Fables When the Day Brings One a Blessing.
Posted byLizzy on Tuesday, November 30 @ 01:00:00 EST
Contributed by whitedove

How many times are you in the real need to talk to someone about what is going on for you and the emotions that a particular event is causing you, yet where ever you turn you just get someone else?s lack of understanding, emptiness, or they are unfortunetely for you, too involved in their "life" to sense what it is you truly need and are asking at that moment, or they ask you to hold on to it, to be addressed at a later more appropriate time....where is one left to turn?

I am an emotionally open and sensitive person, some think too emotional and too sensitive, others say, I am so very lucky to have not shut down or put up the walls like most people in that part of myself. I agree with the latter, even though with it there is a price to pay, I sense not only my states, but also other people?s states, as well as seeing through their facades and this to some is very frightening or threatening, to others I am seen as a comfort.

I have total strangers smile at me just about everyday, either while I am stopped at a traffic light, or walking down the street, some even may gaze at me for longer than what most people would assume to be appropriate. I have total strangers open up to me about their troubles and what they are going through.

Yet when I have needed the emotional support lately, there seems to be a blank. Except for today. I received a blessing that had me crying on the street in view of everyone, yet I don't think anyone noticed a thing, well apart from me and the "Angel" that had just visited me.

I needed to talk to someone, phone calls made lead nowhere, so I took myself out for the day in the hope that something may happen that would ease my state.

After driving to Balmain, I headed back to Concord, I had just sat down at a little cafe, with an overhead heater warming me, ready with my caramel coffee and riccotta cake (hoping these two treats would lift my spirits), when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure suddenly stop and sensed them looking down at me. I looked up to see one of my friends from my meditation group. I smiled delighted to see him, and asked if he would join me, he sat with me and we spoke, yet it was not so much his words in which I found comfort, but in his presence and in his piercing, understanding and kind eyes.

We chatted a little, laughed a little and then by accident...or was it?...he touched the raw nerve I'd been holding onto, and the tears just came flooding out, lucky I was in the company of someone who isn't frightened and he was able to sit with me & understand. He had to get back to his family so he stood up to bid me farewell and then ever so gently he placed his hands, one on each side of my lower face and gently leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on my right cheek, it was a moment that seemed to last a long time and in that gesture I received just what I needed, no words can express that moment, my tears were just streaming down as I felt I had just been touched by the hand of GOD. He then placed his hands on my shoulders understanding my reaction; he then gently placed another gentle kiss on my head and held that position for a little while. No words, just actions, showing me that I was not alone and that help had come my way.

Today I received a blessing; I was touched by the grace of GOD.

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